Model Diaries UK
This book celebrates Topical issues such as Racial Integration, Acceptance, Unity and Integrity. It addresses life during COVID and how we have adapted to it.

Deborahjaykelly brings you a cacophony of exquisite photography with the leading photographic gurus in their fields of expertise along with real life diaries from some of the models included in this book, red carpet interviews with delving questions addressed and a symphony of quotes which celebrate our cultural diversity, unity, integration and life during the COVID pandemic.
Every person has beauty within them. This is the time to reflect that in a book series bringing together Models, Presenters, Actors, Ambassadors and Entrepreneurs. A group of talented people of all colour, creed and age, showing that beauty comes at any age, any colour and all shapes and sizes.
Thisbook honours the power of women and men who stand up in unity and marks the significant changes that the whole of humankind have grown accustomed to.

This is the year of change 2021

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Model Diaries UK